radiation protection solutions

Source of Ionizing Radiation
First Responder
In emergency response situations, flammable and explosive materials such as gases, dusts and fibers may spread radioactive sources, putting responders at risk. Portable personal dose alarms are ideal for first responders. Personal radiation monitors also act as personal radiation dosimeters that passively monitor the environment and alert the user if an elevated radiation dose rate is detected.

Soil Remediation Team
The soil may be contaminated by hazardous waste from neighboring factories or improper disposal. Screening during on-site remediation can expose workers to potentially high radiation doses. Instruments should be used to continuously monitor personal radiation doses while pinpointing the radiation source.

Industrial Worker
Industrial radiography used to inspect metal parts, machines used to kill bacteria and other pathogens, and equipment testing construction materials are all examples of industry where radiation can be found.
For example, borehole logging equipment can contain radiation sources, as can soil density meters. Therefore, security protocols need to be in place to ensure the safety of users of such devices.