8 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya in June 2024

June is an excellent month to explore Meghalaya, offering lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and fewer crowds compared to peak season. If you're planning a trip to this region in June 2024, here are the top 8 places you should consider visiting to fully appreciate the state's natural beauty.

First, you can visit a place famous for its record-breaking rainfall. The waterfalls are at their most impressive during this time, with mists and dense greenery creating a magical setting. The area is renowned for its dramatic views, making it a popular spot for nature lovers.

Another location is known as the wettest place on Earth, where the intense rains transform the surroundings into a lush paradise. This is where you'll find waterfalls and streams in abundance, creating a captivating atmosphere.

There are also unique bridges made from living roots that you can explore. These natural structures are especially vibrant during the monsoon season, offering a unique experience to visitors.

The capital city of the state combines urban charm with beautiful parks and scenic spots. In June, the weather is cooler, making it perfect for exploring the city's outdoor attractions.

A location famous for its crystal-clear river is ideal for boat rides. The monsoon season enhances the clarity of the water and the beauty of the surrounding landscape, making it a top destination.

A small town with breathtaking scenery offers a tranquil setting for exploration. It has a variety of natural and historical sites to visit, each enriched by the monsoon's lushness.

There's also a spot with panoramic views of the surrounding hills, ideal for trekking and photography. June's lush landscapes make it particularly picturesque, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Lastly, a village known for its exceptional cleanliness and eco-friendly practices is a peaceful retreat. In June, the village is at its greenest, offering a serene and refreshing escape from busier destinations.