The Yarbo Snow Blower is an intelligent autonomous modular yard care robot designed to adapt to all your outdoor needs, featuring an innovative modular design that allows it to be converted between a 2-stage snow blower, a lawn mower, and a leaf blower. The robot’s core unit has a robust IPX6 Waterproof construction and comes equipped with all-terrain rubber tracks and powerful motors that make it capable of effortlessly climbing slopes up to 36%. Its 2-stage snow blower module comes equipped with a bumper, a hard rubber auger offering 21″ cleaning width and 12″ intake height, a flexible snow chute with an adjustable deflection angle from 18º to 62º, an adjustable rotation between 0º and 180°, and a throwing distance from 6 ft. up to 40 ft., while also integrating a Precise Positioning Vision System powered by smart obstacle avoidance technology and advanced AI algorithms which respectively allow it to spot obstacles around it and automatically navigate complex environments with minimal human intervention.