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Work-tops initially started with the purpose to serve solely the stone suppliers and stonemasons, with imported stones from around the world. With a recent market survey conducted in November 2021, we redefined our ideologies with an aim to simplify the stages of stone procurement for all categories of customers dealing with stone worktops, right from purchasing to selling. According to this revised concept, we bring together homeowners with queries like worktops near me, buyers, as well as sellers looking for services related to and around stones and worktops. We procure the best stones from the finest stone suppliers for end-use customers across the UK and Europe like homeowners, fabricators/stonemasons, architects, designers, contractors.

This solves the hardship of stone sellers struggling to sell their stones, of fabricators and stonemasons looking for homeowners to deliver their services, and also homeowners trying to find the right stones and service providers for their bathroom worktops and kitchen worktops remodelling; making Work-tops a one stone directory for unlimited services, around the UK, Ireland and European countries.