Wooden Toothpick Making Machine

1.The above products in advance will log into standard dry square billet – shard – into silk – (poor color appropriate to bleaching, drying) length cut – polishing – remove the defect to sign – cutting cutting flower, remove the defect sign, packing, warehousing (factory).
2.The above 8 units, production diameter 2.2, 65 mm long, a head of a hand-cut wooden toothpicks, 8 hours of production in 500000, machinery operators for 4 ~ 6, men and women there is no limit.Industrial electric power with 380 v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour around 12 degrees.
3.The mechanical, can use toothpick used.usually wood processing.
4.Usually each cubic meters of wood, it can produce diameter 2.2 x 65 mm specifications of the wooden toothpick by soaking wood hardwood of different material, 150 ~ 200 kg.