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Pritchard Autobody specialize in Windshield repair &
replacement services. Your windshield actually contributes to the structural
strength of your vehicle. Call us for more details: 204 582 3807
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Your windshield actually contributes to the structural strength of your vehicle.
In a crash or roll-over accident the windshield helps support the roof, prevents
you from being thrown from the vehicle and can also help airbags deploy
Your windshield isn’t just a piece of glass. It’s actually an incredibly important
component of your vehicle and if it’s chipped or cracked you could be
compromising your safety.
 Windshield chips can quickly turn to cracks.
 Windshield chips and cracks can obstruct your view.
 It’s a safety issue. A windshield chip degrades your vehicle’s structural
 Repairing a chipped windshield is inexpensive and fast.
 You could be cited for a traffic violation.
We gladly help with the insurance claim process. And our technicians are
experienced and certified to do the job right. Schedule your windshield chip
repair today.

Our technicians at Pritchard auto Body and Glass have repaired and replaced
hundreds of windshields in Winnipeg and they will solve your problem as
quickly as possible.
Windshield Repair or Replace?
If your windshield is determined repairable, we'll arrange to fix it immediately,
should you decide to go ahead with the repair. If your windshield requires
replacing instead, we'll help arrange your windshield replacement.
Windshield Repair is Ideal:
 When the damage is recent
 When the point of impact is small
 When cracks around the damaged area are minimal
 When there is no moisture or other foreign matter in the damaged area
 When the damage is not in th