Where to use Water-cooled Screw chillers?

Get premium energy-efficiency, quick return on investment, and the highest cooling capacity, all in one product provided by Climaveneta! Water Cooled Screw chiller is the most preferred industrial chiller in India.
Water Cooled screw Chiller caters to different applications because of easy adaptability. These are suitable for small-medium to medium-large applications where precise and accurate thermoregulation is required for different thermal load conditions. These have excellent suitability for retrofit installations with expertise available for lesser downtime.
These water cooled screw chillers are best suited for commercial premises, hotels & resorts, healthcare facilities, retail & departmental stores, and sports & leisure installations.
Applications of Water Cooling Chillers include extreme efficiency at both full and partial loads according to the changing climate and heat recovery configurations.
Choose only the finest industrial chiller for your business!