Where to get Free backlinks in 2022

Whether online or offline, every business needs to build a strong backlink image to rank high in the SERPs and get more traffic. Google uses links as one of the most important factors when ranking a website.

Although there are many ways to build quality backlinks, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to do it yourself with the best free backlink generator. In this blog post, we'll talk about tips on how to do that. So read on and learn how to increase your website's visibility and traffic using free backlinks!

How to build free backlinks with Semrush
Create free backlinks
If you are looking for ways to build free backlinks, Semrush is the best free backlink generator. You can use Semrush to find high-quality websites on your site that can link to your content. You can then contact the owners of these websites and ask them to link your content. Using Semrush, you can easily find the right websites for backlinking opportunities.

You can use many methods to get backlinks for your website. However, not all are free. This guide from the web will help you build backlinks for free with Semrush.

Get on offense with our Link Building Tool! It's a simple but effective solution that helps you take the three necessary steps to find links: search for ideas, reach out and follow up on results.

Step by step
First, go to the SEMrush dashboard and click on the "Link Building" configuration icon.
Now select your database or country from the drop-down menu.
Now add the 10 keywords you want to rank for. Then choose from the suggestions (or add more) by clicking on each word or word. Next, scroll down to "Competitors" – this is where you can choose whose data you don't want to use when you browse ours: select a specific person OR leave everything below study if not important!
Click the Start Link Building button and wait a few minutes while it downloads your data. You will then see a complete report on how well the campaign is doing against "expectations".