What it takes to develop Community Transportation Principles

The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) advocates for reliable, safe, and affordable transportation for all Americans. The non-profit agency offers association membership to individuals and organizations that share innovation, require training and certification to specific needs, and participate in developing an advanced policy and legislation to improve mobility. The CTAA and its members strongly believe that access to transportation is a basic human right, mobility directly influences the quality of life.
CTAA started National Volunteer Transportation Center (NVTC) in 2014 and today the organization works across 50 states along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The center has its own database of volunteers, technical materials related to planning, organization, and operations. The Center today proudly includes 706 volunteer driver programs in its database operating.
Even among the transportation services, The non-emergency medical trip has been part of backbone services in the community and public transport operations. In fact, from its very inception, the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) has found itself developing training, research, technical assistance, resources, and advocacy directed squarely at ensuring the safe and efficient transport of all Americans to non-emergency medical appointments. NEMT demands its own set of skills and technicality, within diverse ranges of complexities in planning and operation.
As the transportation and health care industry face, rapid change, innovative technology, and pressure from the private sector – CTAA remains committed to supporting our members in providing access to reliable mobility options for their community. CTAA with partnering organization Qryde has launched a NEMT Resource page to create a space to share resources, policy updates, and CTAA efforts focusing on the issues, opportunities, and challenges impacting today’s NEMT professionals.

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