What is Laravel? Laravel Tutorial

What is Laravel and why it is used?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework with built-in capabilities that make developing web apps easier and faster. These factors contribute to Laravel's popularity among web developers:

A dependency-management-enabled modular packaging solution. This means you can quickly add new features to your Laravel application without having to start from scratch. You can either develop your own packages for code you frequently use or use Composer to install ready-to-use packages.

An all-encompassing authentication scheme
Object-relational mapping is a type of object-relational mapping. For simpler data access and manipulation, Laravel's Eloquent ORM presents database tables as classes.
A command-line interface (CLI) having a large number of pre-programmed commands (Artisan).
Testing is carried out automatically. Laravel has automated tests as a standard feature.
A virtual programming environment that is portable. Homestead gives developers all of the tools they need to get started with Laravel right away.
What is MVC in PHP Laravel?

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an architectural pattern that divides an app into three parts: data (Model), a user interface to view and alter data (View), and data actions (Controller) (Controller).

Consider it similar to ordering a pizza. You call with a request for Pepperoni pizza from a customer. The person who prepares the pizza (the Controller) deconstructs your request into a sequence of stages as soon as it is registered: grab the dough, turn on the oven, and sprinkle the grated cheese. The Controller can only use the few resources available to him, which include the Model's hands, oven, pizza tray, and so on. Finally, you get your pizza, which has a fantastic view.

This method of app structure is advantageous because it separates information into logical sections. Your code will be better organised, less fragile, and easier to debug as a result. Laravel's design incorporates MVC architecture.

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