What is a MFi certified apple charging cable?/c type to lan converter

Apple has taken the world by storm with its recent product releases. The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus are just some of the most recent models that have been released. One of the most important features about these new phones is that they all have a USB-C port or USB-C multiport adaptor for charging.

As a result, Apple released a cable alongside these new phones to help users with charging their devices. This cable is called "MFi Certified" or "Made for iPhone." If you want to be able to charge your device with this cable, then you need to purchase an actual charger as well.

Apple is a company that has been specifically designing and manufacturing the best possible charging cables for their devices. They have been specifically designing the made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod (MFI) cables to work with their devices.