What does customer loyalty look like in the cookieless age of NFTs?

With all these new privacy changes, it’s time for marketers to get back to the basics of marketing. Build a value proposition, find a reason for people to engage, and then acquire them. Create your own customer database that you can gain insights from. It’s Marketing 101. But it’s almost so simple and so basic, that we lose sight of the fundamentals.It used to be that loyalty was an afterthought. Marketers would be talking about trialing virtual reality, launching NFTs, doing great TV campaigns with a big actor starring in them, etc. Now, loyalty is going to have to be at the forefront because it’s one of the biggest things that will help position your company for the future.
I think this new era of privacy and the demise of the cookie is great. Personally, I’m happy to see it. It’s getting people thinking; they’re coming up with a better way. I mean, when our clients choose a vendor like Cheetah Digital as a solution, we build the creativity, the proposition and launch. A lot of thought goes into it. And every department in the business has to buy into it. You have to commercialise it and activate it. It takes a while, but if you start your loyalty program now, it’s still not too late.
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