What does an NCS/EMG detect? | Dr. Poornima Shah | EMG NCS Test in Goregaon

There are various kinds of nerves, but the two most common are motor and sensory nerves. Sensory nerves send information to the brain while motor nerves transport signals from the brain to the muscle to allow contraction and movement. When a nerve is stimulated using metal electrodes (metallic patch/es that may conduct signals), a response can be monitored by surface (on the skin) electrodes in sensory nerves covering the nerve. The response to motor nerves is often noticed over the muscle that is triggered by that neuron. The findings obtained in this manner may disclose information regarding the magnitude and speed of the electrically conducted impulse. The size generally reflects the amount of nerve fibres present as well as their speed and the integrity of the myelin (the insulating membrane that surrounds the nerve 'axon' or cable). This is why the term "conduction" is used.

This can detect electrical impulses in the muscle when it is at rest or when it is activated. It is beneficial for inspecting both the nerve and the muscle.
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