What are the common causes of liver cirrhosis? | Gastroenterologist in Mumbai | Dr. Vedant Karvir

Cirrhosis of the liver is a disorder in which there is permanent liver damage (advanced hepatic fibrosis) caused by a variety of factors. Alcohol-related liver damage is a frequent cause of liver cirrhosis, as is a liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus.
Other causes include Hepatitis C infection, obesity and diabetes-related liver damage (NAFLD), Wilson disease, hemochromatosis, and unknown.
In the early stages of the illness, many patients with liver cirrhosis show no symptoms.
A patient with severe liver cirrhosis arrived with abdominal distension (Ascites), the yellowish coloring of the eyes and urine (Jaundice), blood in the vomiting (Hematemesis), altered sensorium (Hepatic Encephalopathy), and liver malignancies.
Blood tests, USG abdomen, Fibroscan, and UGI Endoscopy were used to identify liver cirrhosis.
The stage of liver cirrhosis is also measured and controlled accordingly.
When problems from liver cirrhosis cannot be controlled medically, liver transplantation should be performed.

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