Web & Mobile Apps – IT Company – Alpharive Tech

Through the mid-2019s, we started building our own campus in India in 2019. It is ISO:9001 certified. Our company expanded to a point where we were serving hundreds of reliable customers worldwide. Because we grew along with the internet, we always knew user experience had to be at the core of the digital products and platforms we design and build.

While today we have more than 25+ talented people on our team and offices in India, New York. We work in the same spirit with a startup mentality and enterprise-level output.

When you work with us, you can count on:

Expertise in a full-spectrum of technology
Agile, end-to-end process
Start-up thinking, seasoned execution
Continuous delivery for ongoing improvements
A co-creative process
Game-changing innovation
Flawless UX & UI for exceptional product design & development