WaterH Smart Bottle – Smart Water Tracker, Reminder & Analyzer

Drinking water throughout the day is vital to our health, as water is needed for our body to function properly. While most adults can survive upwards to a month without food, the human body can only live between 3 to 5 days without water, as drinking water regularly is crucial for most body functions. Water not only carries essential nutrients and oxygen to our entire body so that our organs can perform well, but it also helps to regulate our body temperature, helps to keep our joints lubricated and keep our mouth, eyes, and nose moistened, helps to get rid of wastes (through perspiration and through the digestive and urinary systems), and also helps to regulate our bowel movements. Additionally, drinking water through the day also helps to prevent adverse symptoms that can be caused by dehydration, such as fatigue, headaches, a weakened immunity system, and dry skin. Nevertheless, despite how important it is to stay hydrated, many people still forget to drink water throughout the day, especially while they’re at work, at college, or while doing other important tasks. If that’s your case, then consider getting the WaterH Smart Bottle, which helps you to not forget to stay hydrated.