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Up, Close & Personal with Rohit Reddy

Up, Close & Personal with Rohit Reddy

Submitted by • February 21, 2020

An excerpt from the article of Rohit Reddy in You & I Magazine, when they caught up with the highly stylish and capable Hyderabadi for a tete-a-tete atop one of the most spectacular terraces in the city – you guessed it… Signature One on Road No. 4, Banjara Hills.

How would you describe yourself?
Rohit Reddy is a child at heart who believes in working hard and making a name for himself in this world and making the people who believe in him proud. I truly believe I am born to be extra-ordinary and an achiever. My journey thus far has been unique, to say the least and impactful. I want to do good and be unapologetic of living well.

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