Unveiling Raya Heritage City: A Cultural Oasis near Mathura-Vrindavan

Experience the rich heritage of India alongside modern living at Raya Heritage City! This planned city, sprawling over 9,350 hectares near Mathura-Vrindavan, promises to be a cultural and economic marvel.

A Tribute to Tradition:

Inspired by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Raya Heritage City aspires to surpass the grandeur of renowned locations like Ahmedabad and Jaipur.
Krishna Circuit Connection: The city boasts seamless connectivity to all significant locations in Lord Krishna's life. Dedicated expressways (7 km to Vrindavan and 12 km to Gokul) ensure convenient access.
A Vision for the Future:

Raya Heritage City is more than just bricks and mortar; it's a vision for the future:

Tourism Powerhouse: Aims to attract visitors and generate economic growth for the entire region.
World-Class Living: Provides residents with a high quality of life in a culturally rich environment.
Heritage Champion: Promotes and safeguards the region's historical and spiritual significance.
Planned for the Future:

Backed by a budget of Rs 6,270 crore, the project promises well-developed infrastructure, including:

Cultural Gems: An art museum and 12 Kathavacha Nyayalay (courts for religious discourses) will celebrate the region's rich heritage.
Modern Conveniences: Commercial and hospitality facilities will cater to residents and visitors.
Transportation Hub: A massive transport hub will accommodate up to 50,000 vehicles daily.
Educational Focus: Gurukul schools will promote traditional learning alongside a modern museum and a Naturopathy center.
Green Spaces: A cultural arena and an oxygen arena will provide recreational areas amidst the development.