Treatment options for breast cancer? | Dr. Rajinder Kaur Saggu | breast cancer surgeon in delhi

Mastectomy or breast conserving therapy are surgical treatment options (BCT). Mastectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the whole breast and, in most cases, the entire nipple. Axillary (armpit) sampling is often performed, which extracts the glands under the arm known as axillary nodes. To assess disease dissemination, the surgeon may analyze just one or two nodes (sentinel node/s) or do a more complete axillary dissection. Mastectomy sometimes requires a hospital stay. To assist avoid fluid collection following a mastectomy, a drainage tube is sometimes temporarily left in the surgical cavity. Breast reconstruction is an option for women who have had a mastectomy.

Breast conservation surgery eliminates the tumor as well as a margin of normal tissue around it. It is sometimes referred to as a lumpectomy, a partial mastectomy, a segmental mastectomy, or a quadrantectomy. Following a lumpectomy, radiation treatment is frequently used to remove any small cancer cells in the residual breast tissue. The goal of breast conservation therapy is to provide women the same cure rate as a mastectomy but to keep the breast intact, with a look and texture as near to what they had before treatment as possible. The surgeon may remove some lymph nodes by performing a sentinel lymph node procedure or axillary dissection at the same time as the lumpectomy procedure or later. It is expected that breast conservation treatment, rather than mastectomy, may be used to treat 75-80% of patients with good outcomes. Breast conservation treatment has the same cure rate as mastectomy, according to years of clinical research.

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