Transform Your Confections with Kemry's Exquisite Decorative Materials

Kemry offers a wide range of confectionery decorative items to take special care of all your baking and decorating needs. Visit our website: If you want to buy our products: We offer the following items:

Luster Dust: Kemry offers it in various shades, all are so delightful and easy to use to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and more.
Food colours: Kemry include synthetic food colour, dry powder food colour, and liquid food colours options that can be used in icing and frosting to achieve the desired colour intensity.
Sugar Sprinkles: A different collection of shapes and sizes, from balls and vermicelli to stars, hearts, beads, and rods, guaranteeing you have the right sprinkle for each confection and enjoy your event planner with us.

This far reaching range permits you to find precisely the exact thing you want, whether you're dealing with a straightforward cupcake or an intricate multi-layered cake. The products of Kemry are manufactured with the user in mind. They are not difficult to apply and blend, making the enlivening system clear and charming. The food colours blend seamlessly into batters and icings, the sugar sprinkles can be effortlessly sprinkled over any surface, and the luster dust can be brushed directly onto fondant or chocolate. To contact us call us on: +91-9990299766 and mail us on: