Cats make for wonderful companions, but they’re quite different pets than dogs. While dogs require to be taken on walks to go potty, cats are very independent and solitary animals that enjoy doing pretty much everything for themselves. From going potty in their litter box, to taking naps alone in literally any little spot they find comfortable, all the way to roaming around the neighborhood and exploring every little crevice due to their natural curiosity. Nevertheless, cats still love cuddling around with their favorite humans. Now, while many cats owners are happy to let their cats roam freely throughout the house as well as outside of it around their neighborhood, those owners would still appreciate knowing where their cats are at and where they’ve been in order to have some peace of mind by knowing their cat is safe whenever they’re out the house. This is where a GPS cat tracker comes in handy, as it allows cat owners to see exactly where their cat is located and also where they roam around. So, if you’re looking for a GPS tracker for cats, then consider going with the Tractive CAT Mini.