Top Universities in Europe for Masters

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Free Masters in Europe For Indian Students

Free postgraduate study in Europe is one of the cheapest ways to earn a master's degree, and it will only cost you a fraction of what it would in the UK. In the UK, you can get a master's degree through postgraduate loans, but the loans will only add to your debt and living expenses. And the best part? Europe is a very welcoming place for international students. In addition, you will get to enjoy many benefits from free higher education.

If you want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Europe, you'll find many universities offering tuition-free master's degrees for international students. In France, for example, the government spends around EUR14,000 per student, making obtaining a free master's degree in France possible. While you're in France, most master's programmes last two years. You may even get a free Master's degree in exchange for working on campus after graduation. The process of earning a master's degree differs from undergraduate study in many ways. In addition to funding, you'll also need to find a suitable institution.