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Senior Symphonia – The Senior Secondary School
The pride and joy of NPS, Sarjapur Road, the Senior students have carved a niche for themselves as the best of the best! Year after year, this group of students records unique achievements. Systematic hard work and unflagging perseverance on the part of the students, who have been encouraged to believe in themselves, has helped maintain an exemplary record, in an atmosphere of challenge and excellence. Talented, energetic and full of zest, it is always the Senior Students who shoulder the onerous responsibility of organizing the mega events at school. Grade XI and XII

Our teaching is aimed at helping Grade XI and Grade XII get admission in the best universities across the globe and in India. In a curriculum that is balanced between Science, Mathematics and Technology, it also allows students to pursue those subjects that will satisfy any university entrance requirements including Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Business. It is our strong belief that students who complete our programmes will be prepared to embrace the brilliant opportunities of a new century.

The assessment in Grades XI and XII is done on the basis of unit tests for Grade XI as a regular feedback on academic performance.
Grade XI has Half Yearly and Annual Exams. Promotion to the next class depends on the performance in the annual exam, as per the criteria laid down by CBSE.
Grade XII has regular class tests, followed by half yearly exams. They have an examination at the end of the calendar year followed by Pre-Board Exams.
Grade XII appears for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination in March-April conducted by CBSE.
The culmination of schooling brings with it heavy demands in study, games, leadership and very often, social life. The capacity to balance these pursuits is very important and we are sure that our senior students embrace the meaning of their school motto in its completeness: ‘Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond’ as a