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Best play school in india | pre school for kids

Purple Turtle is the best online preschool that facilitates the kids with all-important study materials for KG 2 students. We provide online classes, live sessions and recorded sessions so that... Read More

best online preschool in india

Purple Turtle has significantly distributed the syllabus in different levels or zones. These are important for the overall development of the child and we tend to make their basic learning... Read More

best online pre school | elt graded readers

Purple Turtle provides English nursery classes. The online Nursery classes are focused to help small kids learn better and easier. As the demand for this language is increasing we are... Read More

online pre school in India

Purple Turtle’s talking books is a must for your toddler. The exposure it provides is ideal for a growing and developing brain. The concept of a pen talking will keep... Read More

online pre school in Bhopal India

Ring around the rosie- Purple Turtle is having fun playing with his friends where all of them have filled their pockets with posies and running around a rose plant. The... Read More