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Htp sprayers | htp power sprayers

Perfect House pvt ltd HTP Sprayer is a petrol-operated heavy-duty ,These sprayers are used for spraying chemicals for plant protection and disinfecting and sanitizing large areas. Perfect House pvt ltd... Read More

Htp sprayer htp power sprayer htp sprayer pump

An HP sprayer is used to spray water, pesticides, insect poisons, herbicides, manures, and other agribusiness fluids. Attractions hose with a 5-meter extension Sprayer with high pressure (Htp) There are... Read More

Battery operated knapsack sprayer

Battery-operated backpack power sprayer is a powerful sprayer for farming, so we're offering a light-weight rucksack sprayer. This battery sprayer is battery-operated, but it can also be controlled manually. Pesticides,... Read More

knapsack power sprayer  knapsack power sprayer 4 stroke

A knapsack power sprayer is designed to apply liquid substances, including pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc., on crops to protect them from pests or insects. It contains a solid 4-stroke petrol-powered... Read More

Htp power sprayer htp sprayer pump

HTP sprayer pump is a heavy-duty sprayer used for agricultural spraying purposes, HTP sprayer contains a cast iron pump for longer life. HTP sprayer is connected to a robust pump... Read More