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Hamdard roohafza sharbat syrup can be used to make smoothie blends, falooda, cocktails, mocktails, added as a flavorant over ice creams, & so on. This drink keeps one active during... Read More

Tata gemini tea powder is obtained by grounding the tea leaves from the assam hilly areas. It has a strong taste with a rich aroma. To freshly boiled water add... Read More

Lipton green tea tulsi natura is power packed with 4.5x times catechins. These natural plant nutrients are known to enhance body metabolism when compared to regular black tea. Green tea... Read More

Johnsons baby cream keeps baby skin soft all day long. Clinically tested to be proven in mild in nature. Gently moisturizes delicate skin. To use apply gently over the entire... Read More

Aquafina mineral water undergoes the 5 step purification process for pure water. It is one of the leading brands of bottled water. This water is sourced from hills, mountains, and... Read More

Santoor baby soap is enriched with milk cream, saffron, and almond oil. Milk cream nourishes the baby from within. Saffron gives baby a healthy glow. Almond oil moisturises skin deeply.... Read More

Parle G glucose biscuits are filled with the goodness of milk and wheat. These biscuits taste best when eaten solely or with milk and tea. Highly nutritive and has a... Read More

Colgate charcoal toothpaste is enriched with the goodness of charcoal, bamboo, and wintergreen mint. Bamboo and charcoal are known for their cleansing properties while winter green has been found to... Read More

Dettol hand sanitizer kills around 99.9% of the microorganisms. Kills germs in as less as 10 seconds. Non-sticky and dries of easily. Apply around 3-5ml on the hands and palm... Read More

Tata black salt adds a great tangy taste to all the recipes. Naturally rich in minerals i.e., iron and potassium. Addition to the recipes keeps you away from any kind... Read More