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Hestan is proud to welcome Jaime Herrera as National Service Manager. With more than 26 years of experience, Herrera offers expertise in service management, sales-driven support, technical troubleshooting, product training... Read More

Creating a great customer experience is the competitive differentiator for your brand. Great content is how you create these experiences, how you interact with your customers, and how you engage... Read More

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Success Factors for Customer Experience Success

Customer experience, popularly known as CX, is your customers’ perception of their experience with your products and with your business. CX is the result of each tiny interaction in... Read More

QaizenX – a leading customer experience and employee engagement platform

QaizenX is an experience management platform that manages customer experience, employee engagement and community experience. QaizenX performs market research to get detailed insights into the target market. As employee engagement... Read More

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The people who bought and experienced your product/service can tell you about their experiences, whether they liked it or not, if they need any improvements, what’s missing, and what they... Read More

Difference between NPS and CSAT | Which is Best?

The NPS question focuses on future recommendations, whereas the CSAT questions focus on the current level of satisfaction. While CSAT measures short-term customer happiness, NPS focuses on long-term customer satisfaction and... Read More

Success Factors for Customer Experience Success

A successful customer experience strategy starts with an objective-based on what matters to customers, increased revenue growth, and empowering workers to deliver with a greater customer experience strategy. Having a great... Read More

Advocacy marketing is gaining your customers’ trust for them to endorse you. But how do you gain trust? Let’s see some daunting statistics. According to Adobe Trust Report 2022, 29% of... Read More