Swaraj Tractor Models and Their Specifications: Khetigaadi

Swaraj tractors are India's most popular and well-known tractors. The tractor has two drive modes: two-wheel and four-wheel. This tractor is India's second best-selling tractor. The tractor is simple to use and has advanced features and technology. This tractor comes in over 20 different horsepower variants.

Swaraj 744 FE

Swaraj 744 is India's top tractor. The swaraj 744 FE is priced between 7 and 7.4 lakhs. This tractor has a horsepower rating of 48. Water cooled with no loss tank cooling system, 3-stage oil bath type air cleaner or filter are available options for this tractor. The tractor features 3 cylinders, an 8 forward and 2 reverse gearbox, 3136 cubic centimetres of displacement, 2000 RPM, and a lifting capacity of 1500 kg. The overall weight is 1990 kg, and the length and width are 3440mm and 1730mm respectively.

Swaraj 855 FE

For efficient work, the tractor is equipped with innovative technical characteristics. This tractor is built for hard field work and hard soil activities. 7.1 lakh to 7.4 lakh is the pricing range. It is a tractor with a powerful 52 horsepower engine. The swaraj 855 FE features three cylinders, eight forward and two reverse gearboxes, and both dry disc and oil-immersed brakes. This tractor's steering system is power steering. It features a 3307 cubic centimetre displacement and 2000 engine rated RPM.

Swaraj 735 FE

The swaraj 735 FE tractor has 35 horsepower. The cost ranges from Rs 5.85 lakh to Rs 6.5 lakh. This tractor's engine has a displacement of 2374 cubic centimetres. The PTO power is 32.6 PTO. The tractor includes modern features such as a three-stage oil bath air cleaner or filter, as well as dry disc and oil immersed brakes. It has a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, while a tractor weighs 1895 kg. Mechanical steering is the type of steering. The swaraj 735 FE hydraulic type has live position control, automated draught control, and mix control.