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Subtracting Fractions

Subtracting Fractions

Submitted by • June 21, 2012

When we write the Fractions, it is expressed in form of numerator and denominator, where we say that the number written above is called the numerator and the number written below the line is called the denominator. To simplify the fractions, we need to first perform the different operations to get the solution to the given expressions.We say that the fractions are expressed in the form of ‘a/b’, where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are the whole Numbers and the ‘b’ is not equal to zero. We know that all the mathematical operators can be performed on the fractions. Here we will work on subtracting fractions. To subtract fractions, we need to first convert the mixed fractions to improper fractions. We say that the subtraction of the fractions is possible, if we convert the fractions into like fractions. In case we subtract 0 from any fraction, the result remains the same fraction.

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