stretch film wrapping machine india

stretch film wrapping machine india
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Stretch wrap, also called the stretch film, is a highly stretchable plastic film used to secure multiple items mostly on a pallet. Stretch wrapping machines, also known as stretch wrappers, help to employ this process much easier on the packaging. Stretch wrap is generally made up of polyethylene plastics and they are highly elastic that allows them to hold a load of products tightly during the whole shipping process and even for storage.
MANUAL: Manual wrappers or hand wrapping machine includes a man-powered applicator. These are employed for smaller loads or low-volume industries and warehouses.
SEMI-AUTOMATIC: These machines require an operator to attach the load to the film and monitor the machine’s proper functioning.
AUTOMATIC: Automatic wrappers require no human interference during the entire process of wrapping. This machine works automatically at all the stages, i.e deliver, push and seal. These machines are generally employed for heavier loads and high-volume warehouses.