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Steps to Run a Board Meetings Easily as an Entrepreneur

Steps to Run a Board Meetings Easily as an Entrepreneur

Submitted by • July 15, 2019

Running board meetings as an entrepreneur is not always easy. Running good board meetings is even harder. And it is up to us as board members to help you, as an entrepreneur, get the best out of your board setup.

However, by applying some generic learnings and processes, knowing where your expectations are justified and where you could demand more, you will get more from your board, and the experience will be better right from the beginning for everyone.

1. What purpose does your board serve

A board is a sounding organ to your operations and your strategic planning. On a technical level, it's a governance body that guides and advises the managing directors - the leadership of a company - on strategic questions, governance decisions and on a variety of formal tasks, which are distinct for each legislation and laid out in the SHA, the Articles and the Rules of Procedure (MOA).

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