SSC CGL Prelims Important Tips and Tricks!

To prepare yourself for the examination you must analyse all aspects related to the SSC CGL- Prelims examination like what kind of questions are usually asked in the examination, what preparation strategies you should apply, what do’s and don’ts you should follow
to prepare for the SSC CGL Prelims Examination.

During the analysis of the examination of SSC CGL- Prelims, I found that candidates usually make some common mistakes

At the end of each day, spend 15 minutes reviewing.
Make a note of the important points from each lesson in the last few days. If you do this you will be more likely to remember this information later while studying or writing the exams. You can also use these notes for a quick revision.

Make a study schedule.
Divide your course content into visible sections. Make a schedule of which chunks will be studied today, tomorrow and so on once they have been separated. This method improves study sessions by dividing large chunks of course material into manageable study portions.

Revise, Revise and Revise
You should revise your studied topics by attempting SSC CGL Prelims Mock Test Series so that you can be able to score well.

Focus on Health
While studying, make sure you get enough food, sleep and exercise.

Long Periods Of Study
Long periods of study without breaks are required. According to research, the average person can only concentrate for 50 minutes. Following that, your learning ability and attention span will degrade.

Last Moment Study
Avoid cramming for tests at the last minute. It's probable that you'll forget the entirety of your revised course in order to summarise the contents before starting the exams.

Just remember these above-mentioned tips while you are preparing and make your own strategy to score well. You can practice SSC CGL Prelims Online Test Series on Testwale as they provide SSC CGL Prelims Free Test Series.