Small Packing Machine Price in India

Small Packing Machine Price in India
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Small Packing Machine
Hand Sealer" As the name suggests- it is a simple and handy tool for different types of packaging material ranging from polyethylene and polypropylene bags to thermoplastic packages.
Foot Sealer” As the name suggests is used to seal the equipment but by applying pressure through the foot. These machines are commonly used in the areas of food packaging.
Specialized for shrinking the packets. Usually, we have seen the packet of sweets is air tightly packed to maintain durability. The film that closely covers the packets/product is thus packed by a heat gun. This shrinking process is done by a heat gun. It is very easy to use, Handy in nature. No maintenance cost required. Widely used in every industry to keep the product securely. Examples are the food industry, Chemical industry, Medicinal factory, etc.
Bread Sealing machine for every bakery, dairy manufacturing unit. Ensures the packaging of product airtightly. Safe and easy way to package the items. Perfect for sealing bakery products such as cookies, lobes, brads. Maintains effectiveness. No maintenance is required. Handy in nature. One just needs to simply roll it and place it down the nozzle and it is done.