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Small Feed Pellet Machine Common Problems And Solutions

Small Feed Pellet Machine Common Problems And Solutions

Submitted by • September 2, 2019

Small feed pellet machine common problems and solutions
Regardless of the new machine or the old machine, after using it for a period of time, many problems will be found. The following is a summary of several problems and solutions that users often encounter when using small feed pellet machines.
1. The output of the feed pellet machine is low, and sometimes there will be no graining.
Reason: The flat mold used for the first time has a poor finish. The moisture content of the material is too high or too low; the gap between the pressure roller and the flat die is too large; the pressure roller or the flat die is severely buckled;
Solution: Grind and lubricate with oil-containing material, increase the output for a period of time; adjust the moisture content of the material; adjust the compression bolt; replace the V-belt
2. Too much granular powder processed by the feed pellet machine
Cause: The water content is low; the flat mold is excessively worn and the thickness is too small.

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