SISGAIN launches a Telemedicine App- virtuMD

Telemedicine is a field of providing healthcare. It utilizes technology for maintaining communication between the patient and the doctor, without them being in the same room. It enables the patients to connect to the doctors through digital technology like video conferencing, calls, text/chat using mobile devices or computers and helps them receive in real-time. The patients must have a reliable internet connection and cellular devices like smartphones, or computers. virtuMD is one such telemedicine app that is developed by SISGAIN, a healthcare software developer company. SISGAIN has developed this app to ease the process of providing remote patient monitoring services to the patients. This apps helps the doctors in managing the health conditions of the patients suffering from a chronic illness using IoT technology and helps to transmit the data to other healthcare systems safely and securely. For more information to send our company Email & also visit our website

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