Simple Acts Against Global Warming: A Plot to Cool the Planet

Earth is one of the wealthiest planets in the whole solar system. Among all the other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth has been the only planet capable of the existence of life. The Earth includes four main layers; the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. The place where we live and where we stand is the crust. The crust is the thinnest and most top layer of the Earth, and it supports the life that exists on the Earth’s surface. The layer called crusts is composed of silica, aluminum, and oxygen. In the Earth’s crust, we can find much of the beauty of nature. Minerals such as iron, copper, and gold are found just right underneath the face of the Earth. Flowing rivers and trees dancing to the beats of the breeze found at the surface of the Earth. Animals with paws, claws, fins, and wings exist beyond the Earth’s depths. Life is fond and is the best-known creation that exists on Earth.

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