Severe brain damage in adults and brain injury in children| Dr. Amit Shah |Neurologist in Borivali

Yes, but the injury is still out on this one. Children with serious brain damage are regarded to have both the benefit and disadvantage of youth on their side. The drawback is that children are more vulnerable to damage owing to the thinness of their developing skull, and many impacts will not be seen until they reach adulthood. When an adult has a brain injury, he or she may experience the 'loss' of a function. However, since youngsters have not yet acquired particular abilities and functions, they may never develop the skill or function in the first place.

The advantage is that it is believed children can train their brains to replace lost functions more easily than adults with similar injuries. However, it is crucial to emphasize that juvenile brain damage may cause a wide range of cognitive and learning issues that are distinct from those encountered by adults, and some of these issues may not manifest for years. In certain circumstances, the original injury is forgotten or overlooked, resulting in incorrect diagnosis and treatment. To achieve success, many child survivors may need healing measures that extend into the school environment.

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