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SEO Ghost Writing and Editing

SEO Ghost Writing and Editing

Submitted by • June 23, 2012

Writing articles is often done by ghost writers, as well as many other works such as book, screenplays and eBooks. Knowing how to ghostwrite by using SEO, or search engine optimization, is primary for those who write articles and eBooks. It really helps the writing to "get found" by search engines. And SEO for Google is paramount in todays' overcrowded but Google-dominated search market. However, you shouldn't only optimize for Google - even Google itself frowns deeply on that!

Mostly, you need to optimize for keywords. When writing anything, especially a website, with Google in mind, you must keep your keywords down to about three at most per page. And try not to overuse any keywords in your text copy. Google wants the page to have reader-oriented info, not search engine-oriented info. So bear in mind your readership when you're having your text copy ghost written, as it needs to not be overstuffed with any of your keyword phrases.

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