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For the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa, a temporary flight itinerary or reservation that acts as evidence of intended travel is referred to as a "dummy ticket". As part of their visa application paperwork, applicants for Schengen visas could be asked to submit verification of their travel arrangements, such as a round-trip airline reservation. However, due to uncertainties about their travel plans or concerns about money, some tourists might wait to buy an actual flight ticket until their visa is issued.In these situations, travelers can use a number of web resources to generate a fake ticket or interim flight schedule. These fake tickets are not actual booked tickets; instead, they contain the traveler's name, flight information, and reservation code.Rather, they serve only as evidence of the applicant's plan to depart the Schengen region within the allotted visa period when applying for a visa.
Schengen dummy tickets satisfy all requirements that may be found on the application. Thus, it can be applied for a Schengen visa.
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