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While every woman’s period is different, there’s one thing that most women can agree on– periods can be pretty difficult to deal with. From rashes to cramps, to period acne, the symptoms and issues can be endless. Add to that a sanitary pad that is uncomfortable and full of chemicals, and periods become infinitely unbearable. That’s why, it's important to pick a product that’s good for you – ideally, an ultra-thin pad that is free from chemicals and fragrances, rash-free, and prevents leakage. With all of this and more to offer, you can buy Nua’s ultra-safe sanitary napkins here and rest easy knowing that your period is in safe hands!
Why do I need to use a Sanitary Pad?
Here’s why Nua’s sanitary pads are the best for your period, no matter your flow:
Safe on Skin: Made without harmful chemicals, fragrances, or dyes, Nua’s sanitary napkins are the safest menstrual care products for your intimate skin. Designed to be rash-free, our sanitary napkins ensure you can stay comfortable and safe throughout your period!
Ultra-Thin Pads: Nua’s sanitary napkins have been crafted with an innovative and unique format, to ensure that our pads are ultra-thin and comfortable, without compromising absorption.
Ultra-Soft Top Layer: Rough, plasticky top layers on sanitary pads tend to lead to rashes and add to the discomfort women experience during their period. To change this reality, Nua’s sanitary napkins have been designed with an ultra-soft, breathable top layer to ensure rash-free periods, always.