Samsung Unveils Galaxy Ring Features

Samsung’s Next Big Thing: The Galaxy Ring
The next big thing from Samsung is a wearable: the Galaxy Ring. Teased back in January, we now have a more exact release timeframe: in or around August. Samsung has also unveiled what the Ring will do, even though the company hasn’t officially made an announcement about the release.

Information from an Unimpeachable Source
This information comes from an unimpeachable source: Samsung itself. On page 3 of a lawsuit Samsung filed against the Finnish company Oura, which makes the highly successful Oura Ring, Samsung stated, “Samsung has completed the design for the Galaxy Ring and expects to commence mass production by mid-June 2024. Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Ring in the United States in or around August of this year.”

Dissecting the Details
Let’s dissect this. Samsung hasn’t otherwise revealed mass production dates, countries where the Galaxy Ring will go on sale, or when it will be available. Therefore, “in or around August” refers to an on-sale date, not the unveiling date. Samsung is believed to be holding its next Unpacked event in July, so this aligns with the new details. It’s vague enough to suggest that the on-sale date could be as early as August 1, or even late July.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features
The Galaxy Ring will monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, movement, and sleep, providing users with valuable insights and guidance to improve their health and wellbeing. This builds on Samsung’s extensive investment in health and fitness tracking technology, including the Galaxy Watch and the Samsung Health app. Samsung has not previously confirmed what the Ring would do, so this is significant news. Additionally, the Ring will feature an Energy Score derived from these metrics.