Saigrace Academy – Best Boys CBSE Boarding School in Dehradun

Saigrace Academy International School is the best boys CBSE International boarding school in Dehradun and is well known for its positive and effective residential life and hence, it is the best CBSE International boarding school for boys in Dehradun. The role of a home is very important in our life and at SAI we understand these roles and possess a perfect atmosphere for each child to laugh, relax, and heal. Our boarding households are led by the House Parents who manage and care for our students. Our hostel maintains a fully furnished dormitory. Each block has a separate entertainment-cum-leisure room which provides facilities for board games like table-tennis, chess, carom, etc. A separate unit for television is also available. There is a separate inbuilt library loaded with magazines & books for the students who are fond of reading in our school- the best boys CBSE International boarding school in Dehradun. Houseparents play an important role in our boarding community. They are like family members to the children. We encourage even communication between House Parents and students’ families. This permits the family and school to work more faithfully for the students’ well-being, progress & success. All the co-curricular activities and fun-packed activities take place under the constant supervision of the wardens, coaches, and concerned teachers. The school provides a healthy and balanced diet of cereals, fresh milk, butter, cheese, vegetables, fruits, etc. On the advice of the medical officer, a special diet is also provided to the students who are in need. There are well-maintained and cleaned sanitary blocks with round-the-clock hot and cold water supplies. Storage rooms for luggage are also attached to the dormitory. Being the best boys CBSE International boarding school in Dehradun. The school has a full-time MBBS medical officer, who is available for the students all the time. Medical and Dental check-ups are carried out by doctors on a regular basis.