Quad Seal Pouch

Wholesale quad seal pouch
Maximize your shelf presence and brand recognition while reducing packaging costs and weight.

Quad seal pouch
The quad seal pouch is sealed at all four corners to reinforce the shape of the pouch for heavier or denser products. Ideal for wholesale packaging for the tea and coffee industry or retail packaging for products such as snacks, pet food and sports nutrition, it is the perfect solution for packaging and protecting large quantities of products.

Benefits of quad seal pouch
● High visual impact – The quad seal format provides the extra space you need to ensure that all the right information can be found on your package, and the quad seal format means that your design will not be interrupted by the back seal.

● Food-grade materials-all of our quad seal bags are manufactured in our BRC certified manufacturing facility using this top-quality material.

● Perfect for wholesale products-Quad seal bags are strong enough to hold large volumes of product and are the packaging format of choice for much wholesale tea, coffee, pet food and sports nutrition brands.

● Reinforced construction for high-volume products-The quad seal bag's reinforced construction helps filler bags hold their shape better on the shelf, while its compact design takes up less width than its traditional counterparts for the same volume of product.

Common Applications
● Pet food

● Coffee/tea

● Sports nutrition

● Dry food/powder

● Snack foods

● Candy

● Gardening

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