PURE Juicer – True Two-Stage Hydraulic Cold-Press Juicer

Having your own juicer is a great way to add a wider variety of fruit and vegetables to your diet, especially if you don’t really enjoy eating fruits and greens whole. Now, while most people would typically use a centrifugal (i.e. a standard) juicer, cold-press juicers are actually a better option. Firstly, cold-press juicers allow you to extract more vitamins and minerals than centrifugal juicers. Furthermore, using a cold-press juicer will also help you extract higher volumes of juice per batch of fruits and/or veggies. That will consequently enable for the preservation of enzymes that naturally occur in fruits and veggies for a longer duration, thus increasing your juice’s nutritional content. So, if you’re looking for a cold-press juicer that’s reliable, easy to use, and that can last you a long time, then check out the PURE Juicer.