Nayak styles is a main lungies brand inseparable from quality items.
Nayak lungies are one of the most liked in the business sectors as it renders both solace and style.

Nayak Fashions – A name inseparable from perfection and quality.
As a prominent brand, Nayak Fashions is devoted to delivering the best quality items that surpass the assumptions for our clients.
Established in the year 1996 by the style architect Muthukumar, Nayak Fashions has made some amazing progress.
As a client amicable brand, we have advanced and embraced the progressions that have come throughout the long term.
In an always changing universe of style, we have tried to adjust each mechanical headway to deliver unrivaled quality items in each viewpoint. Nayak Fashions is known for presenting sans shrink fashioner lungies on the lookout.
Throughout the long term, with the help of clients, we were lucky to extend our business and position ourselves as a dependable brand in the Middle East, Burma, and Sri Lanka.
To improve our administrations and to deliver them in a superior manner, Nayak Fashions has ventured into the web based business space. Through our authority site, anybody can submit their requests.
Presently you can purchase lungies on the web and everything necessary is a couple of snaps!!

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