Property Law by Dr Poonam Pradhan Saxena

This work emphasizes explaining the interpretation clause and the fundamental principles of property law. It provides a comprehensive commentary on the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, presented in a simple and systematic manner. The relevance of each topic is elucidated with ample illustrations and a thorough analysis of significant judgments.

The new edition retains the same clear style and presentation in simple language. It significantly focuses on crucial concepts such as the doctrine of lis pendens, impleading a transferee pendente lite, the doctrine of part performance, claims of prospective transferees to protect their possession under an unregistered sale agreement, sale, sale with a condition of repurchase, mortgage with conditional sale, mortgage, lease, a tenant holding over, and a tenant at sufferance. Additionally, it addresses gifts and the litigation surrounding unconditional and absolute gifts executed by elderly donors in favor of their progeny or relatives, and their attempted futile revocation later.