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SAP's solution IS-Oil (Industry Specific – Oil & Gas) is tailor made for oil and gas industry, this is a result of industry experts with years of experience and vision, and it is still evolving. Like in actual business SAP IS Oil too has specific solutions for Upstream Downstream and Midstream operations. Oil and gas services are considered to be a supportive part for the oil exploration and production companies. They are services that include oil well maintenance, completion, production, supply, and logistical support services in both onshore and offshore.


– Gather operations data including well and plant flows, temperatures, and pressures. These are analyzed to improve and exploit your producing assets.
– Allocate volumes of extracted products (for example, crude oil and natural gas) to their originating well completions to determine the value of the materials extracted between specific points in the network.
– Get ownership information about a company’s share of production, any partner share and the royalty share, using the ownership division of interest.
– Use the network modeler tool to ascertain or simulate the potential production of a particular production network. You can create a graphical representation of the network’s structure and its respective allocation processes.
– Achieve your planned performance targets using the planning table to analyze all the production-planning relevant activities that will impact your production network.
– Capture, store, analyze, manage and present data with reference to geographic location data to aid informed decision making.

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