Premier Tilting Wet Grinder – 2 Litre – 110V

Premier Tilting Wet Grinder almost the size of a mixie and yet has a capacity of 2 ltrs. It has been designed to have a smaller footprint to suit modern and smaller kitchens. The drum can be removed for easy cleaning.Premier Wet Grinder can easily be kept inside a kitchen cupboard and taken out when needed. The Premier Wet Grinder is built to world class standards and comes with a powerful 1440 rpm motor which does the job faster and consumes nearly 25% less power as compared to conventional grinders.

Premier Tilting Wet Grinder even though it is listed as a conventional grinder.It does the job so there is really no reason not to. We have been experimenting, and have verified that if you get your nibs very clean, this melanger will also grind the nibs to liquor, saving the time. It's a real workhorse and in my experience has never slipped or broken a belt.

The Wet grinder has two black granite “stone” rollers that rotates at 100 rpm on a granite slab.

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