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Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and coffee at Potterbeans, your premier destination for pottery and freshly roasted coffee in Cornwall, UK.

Immerse yourself in artisanal delights while enjoying our meticulously crafted brews. Potterbeans provides freshly roasted coffee beans and handcrafted pottery. Single-origin coffees undergo wood roasting with artisanal precision on our refurbished vintage coffee roasters, utilising Cornish oak. Each pottery item is meticulously handmade by Lucy Brown, right here in our pottery studio in Cornwall.

Coffee Roasters Cornwall
We believe in delivering people the finest brew imaginable and delight in acquainting them with exhilarating and sensational new coffees. Our objective is to roast our coffees with minimal environmental impact. The pursuit of these dual objectives has directed our attention towards wood-roasted coffee, an ancient technique for preparing beans for brewing. We are fortunate to procure our solar-dried oak locally, resulting in a distinctly unique and flavoursome brew.

The Pottery Studio: Hand Thrown Pottery

Working with the pottery wheel resonates deeply with our resident potter, Lucy Brown, here in the UK. She perceives it as a calling, akin to meditation: moulding and metamorphosing earthly materials to craft practical and aesthetically pleasing items for daily use. The glazes hold an enduring allure for her. Utilising fluid and floating glazes, she strives to fashion the most distinctive pieces imaginable. Situated in Cornwall, our pottery studio shares premises with the roastery.

At Potterbeans, our commitment to excellence is palpable from the moment you step through our doors. Founded on the principles of quality and sustainability, we take pride in offering a curated selection of handcrafted pottery and freshly roasted coffee beans, each infused with the essence of Cornwall's rich heritage.

Come, immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Cornwall, and experience the perf