Plastic Density Tester (Specific Gravity Tester) Manufacturer

Ideal Lab Engineers is the leading Plastic Density Tester (Specific Gravity Tester) Manufacturer Manufacturer, Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Plastics processors measure output in pounds, kilograms, or tons of plastic material processed by their production equipment. As a result, the bulk densities of various plastic polymers vary. What is the significance of a plastic's bulk density? Material storage is affected by bulk density. When full pails are dropped, the material loses flexibility and gets denser. Choosing a greater molecular weight material grade often improves impact performance without compromising other property features. IDEAL LAB ENGINEERS' high-precision balances employ cutting-edge Electro Magnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) technology for unsurpassed accuracy and longevity. They also have a one-of-a-kind ADC circuit with built-in temperature adjustment to give exceptional stability and up to 6 million resolution counts. All adjustment settings are programmable and correct minor imbalances between subassemblies and balances. A raw material density determination kit could include plastic granules or plastic cutting pieces. The first is designed to be installed on the pan, while the second is designed to be weighed below the balance. As detailed in ASTM D 792 and ISO 1183-1, the immersion method is the most often used for evaluating the thickness of solid plastics. An evaluation sample is weighed, and its mass in the air is recorded. The apparent mass is then calculated after being submerged in a liquid. The mass ratio and liquid density are used to calculate density and specific gravity. The immersion liquid can be pure water (Method A) or a lighter-than-water liquid (Method B), such as ethanol, IPA, or another chemical. We offer Plastic Density Tester (Specific Gravity Tester) to our clients at a lower price.